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It is sometimes hard to come up with something new. Your company has probably tried rafting, bowling, go-cart racing and a lot of other stuff. But have you ever tried padel?

You haven’t? Lucky you! Then you don’t have to look further..
Padel is a really fun sport, and you will very quickly come to a level where you will master the game as it is easy to learn, and is a great feeling to feel that you master something new. At the same time padel is a very social game as you play in doubles.

We will organise everything for you and design a tailored event for your company; The travel, hotel, meals, training, sightseeing and corporate sessions if you want that. We can also combine it with other activities or games, we can pretty much make the event exactly as you would like it. And we can come up with som amazing ideas that will bring your event to the top.

It is perfect. Travelling to Spain is cheap, and travelling with colleagues or friends is perfect for bonding. Choosing an activity like this will improve your teamwork and communication to a higher level.

Get in touch and let’s talk about what we can do for you and your company.


The participants will be working with individual goals depending on level and ambitions so that everyone will get the best benefit from the training. The number of personal trainers will depend on the size of the group, but you will get individual feedbacks all the way.

We in Padel Events Spain offer you the opportunity to get very targeted and individual padel instruction depending on your skill level with a personal trainer as well as participating in a mixin. You will get totally 19 hours of padel ! As well as having a lot of fun and getting to know other padel players in a wonderful all-year climate, you will come home from your training camp/holiday a far better all-round player than you were.

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